The Last Stormlord

The shape*-eyed among you will have noticed a couple of things about the cover I put up a couple of days ago.

Firstly, it’s not the title we had decided on some time back. In fact a number of titles have been suggested during the baby’s gestation: Cloudmaster, Random Rain, The Rainlords, Rogue Rainlord, Droughtmaster, Stormlord, and so on.

The Last Stormlord is definitely it for US and UK. I am not absolutely sure about the Voyager Australia title yet.

Secondly, there is no trilogy name on the cover. That is quite deliberate. The books are simply going to be The Stormlord trilogy.

Thirdly, the date of publication has been changed to March 2010 from September 2009. But that only applies to US and UK – in Australia, publication date is still September 2009. This year. Slightly less than 6 months from now, in fact. (Eek, I had better finish that copy edit…)

Fourthly, that lovely quote from Kate Elliott. And yes, you doubters out there, she does read my books. And I read and love hers, too. Can’t wait to get my hands on book 3 of her Crossroads series.
*Sharp-eyed, sharp-eyed. Grr. I am such a hopeless copy editor!


The Last Stormlord — 5 Comments

  1. I had not realized this title is definitely being released in the U.S. at the same time at the U.K. Good news indeed!

  2. Yes I did notice the different title, but you had said all along that the title might change.

    You don’t need to bet Satima, its a certainty.

  3. Amy – So I am told! Orbit US and Orbit UK work very closely together.

    Satima, Jo – I hope so. My other hope is that it sells well. But who knows?

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