While at the lighthouse, in a moment of carelessness (there were birds on their way, ok?) I broke my camera and now find it will cost a small fortune to repair.

Then I made a phone call to my house because I knew my sister-in-law was there, having volunteered to cope with a repairman coming to fix a fuse and some electrical outlets. She burst into tears because she had just set fire to my kitchen. She valiantly coped with that, and the house didn’t burn down, but that was end of the cooker hood and we now have a kitchen with some rather odd looking warped and blackish cupboards over the stove and a kitchen that smells like burned plastic.

Also while I was away, the roof leaked in the place we had repaired a year or two ago – and our carpets (rugs to you USians) got wet. They now smell like musty rat-ridden places.

I also picked up a head cold. Yuk.

And yesterday the nose piece on my specs broke while I was cleaning them. Serves me right for buying cheapo frames.

Yuk, yuk yuk.

So I am looking for an enormous amount of money which I don’t have…


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  1. It never rains but it pours is an apt description I think but things must improve from now on. Sending good vibes.

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