Writing update

The writing goes on, in case you are wondering.
The first one third has gone out to beta readers, and two people (I love you both) have returned with feedback. The next one third is just about ready for beta reading too.

My own feeling is that this Book 2 is not nearly the mess Book 1 was at the same stage. It needs work, yes, but not the thorough structural overhaul that Book 1 did.

I have had a look at roughs for the Australian cover, and I hear the copy edit for Book 1 will be winging its way back to me soon. Wow, it’s beginning to feel that I have a book coming out this year! Tentative date for release is September 3rd.

The only thing that is not yet totally settled on is…

…wait for it…

The Title.


Writing update — 5 Comments

  1. I personally enjoyed your original working title. If the editors want to change it, nuts (or something stronger) to them.

    Baby about to be launched on the world, wey hey!!!!!

  2. I liked your original original title, but thats just me. The current one works too, but maybe you should hit us with whatever else you had in mind, you know, for feedbacks sake =)

    Very excited for September though, Glenda. I’ll be marking that one on my calendar.


  3. So is there any chance that I can get my prize copy any earlier than that? So I can go into my local bookshop and say airily “Oh, I’ve already read that one, the author sent me my own personal copy!” Can I? Huh? Huh? Pretty Please??? *puppy dog eyes*

  4. Sarah – it really is in the editors’ hands now, and there are several of them. They know best about what sells. Or at least I hope they do.

    Joanna, the first printed copy I get for myself, I will sign and post to you. Promise. With luck, you will have it before the publication date… I owe you that much for being so patient!

  5. Glenda, you can have no idea how excited that makes me *picture me dancing around the room, waving my arms in the air…now if you could just ignore the mess on the floor, that would be good*.

    I will be happy with the second printed copy you get, the first should be yours, always.

    Thank you.

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