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One of the nice things about this part of the world is discovering the beauty, often small things, tucked away in corners.

Like this orchid and the artwork on the wall of a batik shop

Or this art deco glasswork coupled with Asian carvings on another commerical enterpriseOr this on a public building in a busy street
Or this. An enterprising pavement stall holder has used handwoven mats in place of chairs for locals to eat and drink
Look at the bases of these flag poles
And these next places, where we stopped for lunch on the first day just after we arrived at the airport

This house was the home of a past discarded royal concubine who took the batik-making skills she had learned in the palace to build a business for non-royal customers, somewhat revolutionary at the time.


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  1. You are used to spotting wildlife, particularly birds, so spotting beauty in odd little corners would be easy for you. Most of us would just pass by and not see it.

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