Some people of Yogyakarta

Life is tough for many,
and you sell what you can,
how you can,
wherever you can.

Your services…




and you don’t take time off for lunch either

Handicrafts for tourists


Or maybe you just collect junk…

This man is selling a snack from the back of his motorbike to a school girl. Boiled potatoes, cabbage and tofu is popped into a plastic bag with a thin wooden skewer, soy sauce added for taste…
And no one to tell him he’s breaking every health regulation in the book or ask him when was the last time his kitchen was inspected…


Some people of Yogyakarta — 3 Comments

  1. Boiled spuds, cabbage and tofu – it would take a lot of soy sauce to make that palatable, with or without health regulations:-)

  2. Nevertheless Satima, it is nutritious and sustaining and if its all you can afford!!! We really don’t understand such poverty do we? At least the people are enterprising and not hanging around waiting for a handout from the government.

  3. There may have been some chilli added to the sauce. It was actually a wonderfully nutritious snack – protein, greens, carbs.

    Developing nations rarely have much in the line of a safety net, except one’s own family, so anyone who can’t find work sets up their own small business like these guys. What broke my heart was the sight of people selling beautifully made trinkets for a pittance, and apparently rarely selling anything at all. I wanted to buy everything in sight, just to help out… Sigh.

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