And again: Weird Stuff.

This is about a review I read where I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It is very funny, almost unbelievable, and yet it is always sad to see prejudice and bigotry search for scientific backing and produce idiocy disguised as research. Doubly sad when it comes from a university. Triply sad when the researchers apparently have no idea of how silly – and screamingly funny – they are.

Read this from Amir Muhammad here talking about this:

SEXUAL IDENTITY: Effeminacy Among University Students by Noraini Mohd Noor, Jamal Farooqui, Ahmad Abd Al-Rahim Nasr, Hazizan Md Noon and Shukran Abdul Rahman. (International Islamic University Malaysia, 2005, 231 pages).


And again: Weird Stuff. — 4 Comments

  1. Oh dear. What nonsense is perpetrated in the name of “scientific research”. I’m really flummoxed by the cinema seat issue. Exactly how that can be linked to sexual orientation I do not know.

  2. My husband reckons a cinema seat tells you a lot. For example, anyone who insists on sitting on the aisle either has a weak bladder, a prostate problem or a small kid in tow.

    I shall never look at another full theatre in the same light again. Now I know where you sit has nothing to do with chance. Everyone on the left is gay and everyone on the right is macho. the further right you go the more macho you are. Or…is it the other way round perhaps?

  3. This was the funniest review I’ve read for a long time. At first I thought it was a comedy piece, especially once the reviewer chimed in about the cinema seating.

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