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Just so you don’t get too sick of all my Indonesian photos, I’ll give you something else to look at today. There will be more coming on Yogya, I promise.

But first, think on this:

We know how to focus light and technology does that in all different ways, right down to tiny laser beams…but what about sound? Even if you stand behind the loud speaker or the megaphone, you still hear the sound. Sound goes all over the place whether you want to hear it or not.

Ever wish you didn’t have to listen to the kids playing their latest music at top volume when you would rather turn on the opera? (Or vice versa?) Well, soon you can. Very soon you will be able to sit in your car and listen to your own music, while the kids listen to theirs in the back seat – and none of you will be wearing earphones. And yet you won’t hear a single note of what the kids are listening to, because the sound will play right next to their ears – and nowhere else.

I love this website that tells me lots of cool stuff like this, in all sorts of fields. So take a look at:

TED: Ideas worth spreading.

Look up the top ten talks just to give you an idea of what the site is all about.
TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design so it covers everything from science to creativity.


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