If you are cold and wintery…

Here’s some photos around our garden.
(I brought the purple orchid inside so I could enjoy it.)

The first green plant, a bird’s-nest fern, is taller than I am.

The pinkish flower is a S.American bromeliad; the red one an ornamental banana. The yellow spray is yet another orchid, the dancing lady.



If you are cold and wintery… — 5 Comments

  1. Ooh, lovely. A rainy 18 in Mount Gambier today, and I’ve had to put an extra cover on the bed, so looking at something tropical is really comforting:-) There is summer out there, somewhere…

  2. Margaret just told me it was 37c or so in Perth…

    And you know where my husband is going in mid-January? Laverton, W.A.!

  3. A chilly -10°C here today. Supposed to get snow tomorrow and over the weekend.

    Not sure whether to enjoy summer pictures or be envious. Lovely pictures though. I once had a Bromeliad when I lived in the States. They don’t take much care, but I believe orchids do.

  4. Well, it could be one of those fallacies one hears and believes for years, but I always understood people spent hours caring for their orchids in special greenhouses, etc. etc.

    Its warmer now by the way, only -7°.

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