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Since I finished the first draft of Book Two of Random Rain, I have been re-reading Book One. Again. Just to check that I have everything in it that needs to be there in the light of what happens in Book Two. And of course, finding still more odd bits that needed a slight tweak.

Pleasantly surprised to find that I still like it after this one hundred and seventieth read. (Well, that’s what it feels like.)

Today it’s back to work on Book Two. The dreaded second draft. This is the one where I read what I have written and start crying at how bad it is. Where I decide I am in the wrong business, should never ever have thought I could write, let alone be published, and everyone will hate it and I am going to shoot myself. Then I pick myself up the floor and rewrite every second sentence.

Ah, I love writing.


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  1. I shouldn’t giggle, but … *g* Truly, you are so hard on yourself. If we were in the same room I’d pull faces at you!!!!

    But funny, I adore getting to rewrite. I find it so exciting to see the story laid out in its skeletal form, figuring out oh yes! This is what I was trying to say! And then saying it better. Compared to the agony of conjuring the first draft out of thin air, it’s bliss!

    And I’m second drafing now too, so we can have another race! *g* Go you!

  2. Actually, I do love doing the second draft, truly. It’s where – after I get over the horror of what I find when I re-read the first draft – I start to make a book with a great story. And that is SUCH a relief.

  3. And it’s Larke and Miller, neck and neck as they turn into the straight…

    Keep up the good work, ladies! (Rubs hands in anticipation.)

  4. Oh, this is no contest! Karen’s book is shorter and she writes a better first draft than I do, and works faster too! I blame my age. I blame everything on age these days. Works for me!

  5. Isn’t that what getting older is for, so you have somewhere to lay blame?

    Whoever wins, I know I will enjoy the product of all your hard work. So here’s to both of you.

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