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  1. 24, 28 – there are sixty authors on that list and a few places hardly matter. S’brilliant anyway:-)

    I reckon your GOHing at Swancon has put you more in the public eye in Perth. That’s gotta be good, especially if it gets more people reading your lovely books!

  2. You have something Glenda, I got dozens of weird emails this morning. I agree with Satima, who cares for a couple of places.

  3. Hi, I just read The Shadow of Tyr and very much enjoyed it! Such a change from the typical (rubbish) fantasy fare I keep stumbling across. I’m looking forward to reading the third book.
    (I rather liked Heart oft he Mirage too!)

  4. Well deserved the mirage makers is the best trilogy i have ever read in my life i simply couldn’t get enough.

  5. I randomly bought The Heart of the Mirage while I was in Dubai, and became instantaneously a fan!
    I ordered The Shadow of Tyr on the net, cause it’s hard to find it in french libraries…I read half of the book so far, and I’m so afraid to finish it so quickly…Thanks the Gods there will be the third one after this!
    Thank you so much Glenda for your wonderful writting, I love it so very, very much.

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