Weird Stuff. Again.

A burglar broke into a small sundry store in Terengganu state when the owner had gone on holiday. When the owner returned, he found a dehydrated and starving burglar on the floor in a sorry state. He said he’d broken in three days earlier, only to find that he was temporarily blinded and a supernatural figure kept pushing him to the floor, preventing his escape, or – one assumes – eating and drinking any of the merchandise. (His story, as later told to the police.)

The store owner had to cart him off to hospital where he has been treated for the past four days for severe dehydration and shock …

Of course, everyone has been asking the storekeeper what black magic he used.

None, says the fellow. My shop has been broken into so many times when I am away, that I prayed to God as I could no longer tolerate it. That’s all.

See? No magic involved…!


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  1. Now that is Weird assuming it was accurately reported. I am never too sure about news reports since seeing a report many years ago of an incident in which I was slightly involved. The report was totally distorted.

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