Revisited: Chini Lake, Pahang

This is where I was last week. Lake Chini is not far from Lake Bera.
People have done some awful things to Lake Chini over the years, in the name of greed and ignorance. Fortunately, they have failed to ruin it altogether.
Noramly and I were there with a team of students and staff from the National University (UKM), under the leadership of a dedicated and passionate scientist, Dato’ Dr Prof. Mushrifah, working to return the lake to a ecologically natural and viable basis.
There is – of course – a dragon that lives under the water. He is called Sri Gumum. More about him another time.
It was wonderful to see that there are people who care about our wild places, and who do their best for our environment.


Revisited: Chini Lake, Pahang — 2 Comments

  1. OK I want to see the dragon Glenda.

    Looks like a beautiful place and I am glad it isn’t totally ruined. We need many more people like you around the world who care enough to do something about it.

  2. Thanks for the pictures, Glenda. Tasik Chini is a place that I always wanted to visit as a child, so it’s great to see it. I can’t remember the reason(s), though – I know it wasn’t Sri Gunum, though, as this is the first time I’ve heard of him! What a great name for a dragon (conjures up images of water gurgling, yet fire breathing growling gunum gunum groaaaarrr

    (Sorry, overactive sleep deprived imagination at work!)

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