Australian sf&f authors rock…

…they really do. And they are selling on the international scene thick and fast. Here’s another returning to the wider world after a break. She’s a lovely lady who has managed to write and do all kinds of fabulous things with her life while raising an enormous family (6 kids in 10 years. Yikes! I’d be prostrate…) and looking good enough to model for Vogue, all at the same time.

From the info in the press release:

Rowena Cory Daniells now has a three-book deal with Solaris, the mainstream genre imprint of BL Publishing. The series is entitled King Rolen’s Kin and the first book, provisionally called BYREN’S BANE, is due for publication in early 2010.

“The books follow the lives of three of King Rolen’s heirs, when their kingdom, Rolencia, is invaded by their ancestral enemy, Merofynia. A sweeping fantasy adventure, the narrative explores the eternal questions of ambition, trust and betrayal.

Over the years Rowena has run a bookshop, a graphic art studio, illustrated children’s books, sold nearly 30 children’s books and a fantasy trilogy (The Last T’En) internationally, established R&D Studios and served on the management committees of state and national arts organisations. She lives by the bay in Brisbane with her husband and children, and has a Masters in Arts*(Research).

Rowena Cory Daniells, congratulations!


* My book, Heart of the Mirage, was one of the case studies for her master’s thesis, along with Ursula K. le Guin’s Earthsea and Rowena’s own The T’en Exiles

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