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Some sense on the yoga matter. The P.M. and some religious leaders and some of the royalty (who are the religious heads of the state – as in Britain) have said that they can’t see what harm there is in Muslims doing yoga as long as the classes don’t include religious chanting and such. Nice to see that indignant protest from Muslims can result in good sense prevailing.

I doubt whether the fatwa is going to get far, as it has to be passed at state level before becoming law for Muslims within the state.

And here is Book Two of Random Rain:

Now all we have to do is introduce some good sense into the ridiculous book-banning that is still going on in Malaysia – but only at certain bookshops, mind you. (Quick, buy your copy elsewhere now!)

And before my overseas readers start muttering about silly Malaysia, what about the American writer who got kicked out of his church for writing a vampire novel, because writing about something is committing the sins contained in it? Wow, now there’s some good folks who really don’t understand the concept of fiction…


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  1. Good one Satima, but surely a Malaysian female vampire doing Yoga and wearing male clothing and generally being a tomboy despite wearing high heels.

    You can’t say we don’t help your plots Glenda!!!

  2. Aha, what a super character, Jo! Marianne de Pierres’s anti-heroine Parrish Plessis would probably qualify, but she’s not a vampire. I don’t think she does Yoga, either…

    Nothing for it, Glenda, you’re going to have to write that vampire book:-)

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