Noramlyed* again

My husband is off travelling. He is now trying to return. Given the state of the world at the moment, you can guess what happened.

Well, at least he wasn’t headed for Mumbai, but he was routed from Europe through Bangkok…



*The myriad disasters that happen to members of the Noramly family (or those that travel with them) when they undertake major travel. Coined by two victims (sons-in-law).


Noramlyed* again — 4 Comments

  1. My parents are on their way to England. Luckily they don’t leave the country until Sunday so were able to change their plans…they were originally going via Bangkok!!

  2. Hope he gets home OK soon Glenda. You really do get Noramlyed in your family. You do realise that word will now spread with all the rest of your readers using it when they get stuck in situations during travel.

  3. Nearamlyed, I like that. Actually he was Noramlyed on the way home. His suitcase (a new soft one) was ripped open like a can of sardines, completely down one side and across the top. Nothing appears to be missing, but the suitcase is a write off.

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