Yuk. One of those days.
Woke to find no water in the taps. In fact, there was no water in the evening the day before, either. No water the whole day long yesterday, and none today…so far it has been two and a half days.

Fortunately, as a matter of course, I keep a huge container of water filled in the second bathroom, as we are subject here to water cuts without warning – for the past 28 years. Of course, they don’t call it water cuts – they say it’s just that we live on top of a hill. And that makes it a) our fault and b) none of their business.

About a year ago they actually decided to do something about it and started replacing the silly little “pipes” with something the proper size for a huge housing estate. Oddly enough, it made not much difference. Evenings and weekends, there is often only a bare trickle into our kitchen.

Apparently, though, this time it was a real water cut: they used a TV announcement (we don’t watch TV, ever, so guess what – I had no idea) to say they were cutting the water as from today for 3 days. So now I haven’t got the faintest idea when we will get our water back. And seeing as they cut the pipes a day and a half earlier than they said anyway, everyone has been caught on the hop.

Anyway, all that meant I was lugging buckets of water from bathroom to kitchen, and pulled a muscle in my shoulder, the pain of which kept me awake most of the night.

I dropped by Jenny’s blog yesterday, to find that she had a really funny post on our cover pole dancing twins. (Actually, it’s more a column than a pole…) The post was entitled “Glenda Larke and I have so much in common” and what do I read at the end? Jenny was off to get a cortisone injection for a painful shoulder. I think she’s channelling…


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  1. Well I send you hugs for your poor shoulder too. Living without water is miserable, I have done it several times after hurricanes, but have always managed to be prepared by filling up baths and things – well you know a hurricane is coming! Lucky you keep some water on hand.

    Do you have no say in the covers for your books? It seems there should be some connection between the cover and the story.

  2. So sorry about your shoulder. I do sympathise. I expect even sitting at the keyboard for any length of time is going to be painful, and hugs could be a moot point. : Do hope the doc can give you something to ease it … or maybe Ms Fallon can channel some of her cortisone relief back to you, to save you the trip to the doc.

  3. To stop the channeling, I recommend you make a hat out of aluminium foil and wear it constantly otherwise you and JF might start writing the same story.

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