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Worldcons are not just about panels, of course. [Pamela Freeman, Brandon Sanderson, Karen Miller, Margaret Bonham, Patrick Rothfuss on a panel entitled: “The Return of the King: the novelist’s fascination with monarchy.]

There are so many good things …

The bid parties. The Hugo Awards. Meeting people. The room parties. The Masquerade. Chatting in the green room. Chatting in the bar. Chatting to writers, readers, publishers. The fan parties. The readings. The kaffeeklatches. Did I mention the partying?

For someone like me, living in a place where there are no other writers like me, where the opportunity to meet up with my editor or agent or beta readers or fellow writers is as rare as being able to read all the books I’d like to, a con is almost a necessity. And boy, did I revel in it. And I met so many interesting people I’d never met before, but had heard about or whom I had read. And they are all people who like to talk about reading and writing and books. Paradise.

I shared a panel with Robert J.Sawyer and had dinner with the Orbit US team; I found myself chatting to Elizabeth Moon about snakes and the environment; with Jim Frankel, Tor editor about all sorts of things; with Carol Berg about how to deal with a noisy husband when you want to write; with reviewer and fan writer Cheryl Morgan about all sorts of interesting stuff; with Kate Elliott about her new novel and her husband’s job as a forensic anthropologist and writing and reading and..; with Phyllis Eisenstein about collecting books; and with writer David Coe about covers and writing in general. My room-mate Donna and I had dinner with Gary K.Wolfe and Amelia Beamer of Locus Magazine, novelist Kate Elliott, academic Farah Mendlesohn and David Hartwell of Tor/Forge Books, who had just won a Hugo for Best Professional Editor. Kendall turned up to my reading; other fans brought along books for me to sign at various times, and Sarah and Andrew – who weren’t attending the con – came all the way into Denver to buy two sets of the Mirage Makers. How cool is all that?

I am already wondering just how I can possibly get to Montreal next year without breaking the bank. Never mind, the year after Worldcon is in Melbourne! Start saving folks…

Oh, and I know why obesity is a problem in USA. I got served the largest slice of cake I have ever seen in my life. That thing is sitting on a full-sized dinner plate.


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  1. Hi Glenda,

    Wow I know how you feel about not having writers who write fantasy in Malaysia.

    I often think about moving overseas so I could be near people who read and write fantasy. It’s hard to get a proper crit group here.

    Hope we can meet up soon! Take care 🙂

    ~ Ika

  2. Holy cow! That’s a big slice of cake. In fact it looks like two big slices of cake stuck together with cream.

    Also, I suspect eating it might break the rule “never eat anything bigger than your own head”.

  3. If I started eating slices of cakes that size, I’d be worried about getting to Montreal without breaking the plane, let alone the bank!

    Pity you can’t persuade the Aussies to hold a con in Malaysia or Singapore. I’d certainly go for that. 🙂

  4. I would like a con to be held in Toronto then a) I could get to it and b) I could meet you.

    If you could get to Montreal Glenda you could always make a side trip and stay with us. You would be very welcome.

    Pooh, that cake is nothing, they do seven layer chocolate cakes over here which are to die for and would feed the starving masses all on their own. Most North Americans would probably take most of that cake home in a doggy bag. So at least they wouldn’t eat it in one hit, but, nevertheless, you are right, that is why there is so much obesity here. Didn’t you find most of the meals were very large?

  5. It was great meeting and talking with you, Glenda!

    That cake…oh boy. A restaurant in the DC area, Brio (might be a regional or national chain), has mini desserts in what looks like a demitasse cup. Just a few bites–perfect after a restaurant meal! More restaurants should do that.

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