Echo Park and Chinese Flower Tea

Pix 1: Having a bbq at daughter’s on day of arrival…

Pix 2: Put a ball of this in hot water and you get….?

Pix 3: A pot of Flower Tea


Echo Park and Chinese Flower Tea — 8 Comments

  1. Ooh, ohh, we saw those flower teas in Singapore. Can’t remember if we ended up buying some for leggi or not though.

    Nice photo of daughter’s face framed by the pot handle … very arty one. 🙂

  2. Yes, I thought that too Ru.

    Must be great to visit your daughter.

    Never heard of flower tea, but then I rarely drink tea of any kind. Very unBritish of me.

  3. Lovely, aren’t they. For the benefit of UK readers, there’s a tea shop just north of Covent Garden near Neals Yard that sells the stuff.

  4. Thanks cheryl – though as that involves hopping on a plane for me anyway, I think I’d rather pop back to Singapore to buy some. 😀

  5. Thats amazing! Is theflower real? can you actually drink the tea?

    And what a lovely pic of your pretty lass. I hope she’s still doing well with the band?

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