That says it all, really. I am spending the day here, it seems.

I arrived at 6 a.m. , to catch a flight at ten to eight. No one told me that if you have a paper ticket with United, it actually takes 4 hours to get to the boarding gate.

So I was well and truly Noramlyed. The next United flight was cancelled. So imagine how many people were scrambling for seats, and evidently people who didn’t know to arrive at the airport early enough rate somewhere lower than cancelled flight passengers. I don’t expect to get into Denver until 6.30 now.

And LAX is such a lovely place to while away the time…


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  1. Well I hope you get there eventually!

    May I ask the definition of being ‘Noramlyed’ LOL?

    Anyway, I’d best go to bed now!


  2. Four hours for a domestic flight seems excessive even by our obsessive standards. And combined with the cancellation thing it just sucks of bad service. 🙁

    Still, at least you hadn’t just stepped off the flight from Singapore first thing this morning, that would have been an even bigger bummer.

    Do hope the rest of your journey goes smoothly. Big hugs.

  3. Finally got a standby – and got into Denver just in time to hit a nasty storm at the airport, which kept us circling for half an hour while it hailed on the airport…landed at 4.30 or thereabouts.

    Elliott – at the top of the blog there’s a “search blog” function – type in “Noramlyed”! It was a term coined by our sons in law, which basically meant “don’t travel with the Noramlys if you want a smooth journey”!

  4. Well you sure are an unlucky lot, but I am so glad you got there eventually, safe and sound too.

    Are you going back to visit your daughter after Denvention?

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