My editor speaks…

Check here for an SFX interview with Darren Nash, Editorial Director of Orbit UK. Not to be missed if you are an aspiring writer and want some hints at how one of the top editors in the field views the business.

And here are some more random photos taken around the small towns of Lake Como. The first one was taken from a boat in the rain – we were chased for some 20 minutes by a large rainbow. Gorgeous.

Note the waterfall in photo 5.


My editor speaks… — 5 Comments

  1. More beautiful landscapes and townscapes (is there such a word?). I do love streets of steps like that … though I dare say they could become a drag to live with as the body gets older and one’s legs don’t co-operate as well as they once used to.

  2. You’ve got that right ru, that was my first reaction seeing all those steps. But maybe it would keep older people fitter. I was very disappointed Glenda, not man made waterfalls with towering scaffolding, just a natural old waterfall *g*. They are lovely pictures, you caught the rainbow very well and the little bridge near the waterfall really intrigued me.

  3. It’s a lovely place. Can’t go wrong with the camera!
    I rather wish I lived in a place that enforced walking as a lifestyle simply by being built on a steep hillside – then one would get one’s exercise simply by living instead of actually having to ‘do exercise’ (boring, boring) as a separate activity.

  4. I do so agree, Glenda. I would probably be so much more able today if I had lived somewhere like that. However, I would hate to have to make that change today.

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