Reading at Denvention

I forgot to say yesterday that I am also giving a reading at Denvention. I shall probably read something from the new trilogy (Time of Random Rain) and I am going to keep my fingers crossed that SOMEONE turns up to listen.

And I have been writing like mad – all of a sudden back in the groove. I am now half way through the first draft of the second book, Stormshifter (working title). The final book will probably be around 180,000, but I aim to get the first draft to 170,000 because I always like – and invariably need – about 5,000 words more before I complete the second draft, and then another 5,000 between second draft and publication. So here it stands at the moment on picometer halfway to the end of the first draft:

And Hrugaar has pointed out that Interaction Glasgow was 2005, of course (see last post). Plus the fact that the book I was thinking of was Anne McCaffrey’s two Dinosaur Planet books. (And he says he has a bad memory. Huh.)

Today was a spend-the-time-at-hospital-clinic day, all re my 2 numb fingers. The good news is that they are SO much better. Not normal, but at least they don’t have the feeling of two bananas struck on the end of my hand any more. It has taken 10 months to get to this point.

And the other good news was an email out of the blue from someone I had not heard from in 25 years. I love search engines.


Reading at Denvention — 7 Comments

  1. Dinosaur Planet books, huh?? I have read everything Anne McCaffery wrote, I have, I have, I guess I haven’t. Must find those.

    Glad your fingers are better. As you will see in my blog, Matt has been having some problems in the last 12 hours.

  2. Now I’m even more envious of the people going to Denver — I’d love to hear you read from the new book. It sounds like such an intriguing concept. Good luck with the reading. I’m sure you’ll get squillions of people!

  3. I’d plan to go anyway, but I’m especially interested in hearing you read from your new work. 🙂

    Kendall, hoping I haven’t just jinxed myself to miss your reading

  4. Brilliant on the writing. Go you! I’m moderating at Worldcon. If I wasn’t already hysterical, that would get me going.

  5. Jo, the two Dinosaur Planet books are excellent; both examples of Anne McCaffrey at her best (at least in my opinion!). Unfortunately, I’ve found her later stuff to be relatively bad, and getting worse (perhaps that’s Todd’s involvement?). Orson Scott Card’s latest books are also much worse than his earlier work (given the kind of political commentary he makes these days, he may have lost his mind).

  6. I still like Anne McCaffery’s work, I even enjoyed Todd’s stuff. Maybe I am easy to please. However, I will have to find these dinosaur books.

    I have been reading Elizabeth Moon as I think you, Jason, recommended along with some others. I enjoy them too.

    You hysterical Karen, surely not LOL

  7. Jo – hope is is truly only transitory.

    Marina – Thanks! Wish you could be there too.

    Kendal – make yourself known to me…

    Karen – hope that’s one I can attend!

    Jason – it’s always a disappointment when later books aren’t as good as earlier ones. I must write a blog on this topic one day. And keep my fingers crossed that no one says it about me one day…lol

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