Distractions and writing

When I am working, there are times when I am easily distracted. Sunbirds will do the trick, anytime. When they come and perch on the gingers outside my study and start chirping and sipping the nectar, the novel gets temporarily ditched… I mean, who can resist a peek?

Unfortunately they are never still and are very hard to photograph. Still, that can make for an arty photo shoot, right?

Plain-throated (aka Brown-throated) Sunbird. Think of them as Asia’s answer to the hummingbird (which is not found outside of the Americas).


Distractions and writing — 4 Comments

  1. I remember the sunbirds. Delightful. 🙂 I saw olive-backed one in KL as well as brown-throated.

    But yes, what would life be if we didn’t take time to enjoy the flowers and watch the birds? (And don’t say ‘more productive’ or I shall bite, heh.)

  2. Gynie, I am sure you have more colourful birds in France than a sparrow, even if you don’t have the sunbirds or the hummers. Mind you sparrows can be kinda cute to watch and son in law has done a great painting of one.

    Loved the pictures Glenda, you have done pretty well. I have never tried taking a hummer, Matt has managed to successfully though.

  3. Writing about hummers. I remember at the beginning of one hurricane we had some friends visiting and the husband was taking video of hummers at the feeder which was swinging madly and saying, in a broad Yorkshire accent “you brave little sods”. You have to be a Limey to hear that. We thought it was so funny especially as he and his family were somewhat scared of their first hurricane.

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