Now this is a hotel room…

It may have cost the earth (even though I only paid for half of it), but you can’t say I didn’t do it in style.

And the bathroom was marble from floor to ceiling. Hell, even the fire escape stairs were made of marble.

Does anyone know what the painting is?


Now this is a hotel room… — 6 Comments

  1. ‘Le printemps’ for me ^^
    I love this panel ! It’s so delicate and strange as the body are going in elevation on the contrary of the plumb early medieval.

    For me the best on line gallery for any ‘old painter’ is here :

    I like it as you can watch the picture fully and in details

  2. Thanks – I did have a guess at Botticelli because it reminded me of the Birth of Venus.

    I shall look at the link…

  3. Very impressive of hrugaar and gynie. Was quite a bedroom wasn’t it?

    Thanks to hrugaar, I now have Havenstar to read. I am looking forward to it.

  4. great bedroom decor! I stayed in a castle in France once where the bathroom had a huge mosaic of the Mona Lisa on one wall — only it had been adapted so that she was also in the bath.

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