Chimney pots

Remember when I said that about the only thing I saw of note last time I passed through Como, back in ’82, from a train and on a misty day, was the chimney pots?

Well, here’s a sample of chimney pots from this 2008 trip.

Little wonder I remember them.


Chimney pots — 6 Comments

  1. Interesting Glenda. When we were in the Algarve, in Portugal, we noticed lots of interesting and artistic chimney pots there. It turned out that when the Moors left and the Christians took over, there were lots of Muslims who’s religion was suppressed by the Christians (the Muslims had not suppressed the Christians by the way) so they built small minarets on the roof and when questioned claimed they were chimneys.

  2. It makes me think about Gaudi ^^
    and about a story taking place in trees called ‘le baron perché’ d’Italo Calvino

  3. JO – that’s fascinating about the minarets!

    Hrugaar: had me wondering for a bit about how come I had missed the Dali House in Barcelona.

    You’re right Gynie – Guardi-like definitely. My memories of the Calvino are too far distant to recall…

  4. If you like this kind od architecture you should absolutly see the Major cathedral in Marseille (France) and also Cordoue cathedral (Spain) they so beautiful as a melting-pot result! Middle age melting pot for Cordoue and 19th century for Marseille.

    Le baron perché from Italo Calvino is the story a boy climbing in a tree and he doesn’t want to go down anymore. I thought about it when watching your pictures, as if a story could happen only on a roof ^^

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