Italian interlude

Buon giorno!
I am in Como, Italy.
And these are the views from our balcony/hotel window.
And we didn’t get noramlyed once on the way, either.
Of course, I am hugely hungover with jetlag, my pocket has a large hole in it, and internet connection at the hotel costs 5* Euros for half an hour, but…I am in Italy!
Va bene, grazie – er, um – per favore potrebbe parlare piu lentamente? Or something.
*that’s 25 RM !!


Italian interlude — 4 Comments

  1. €5 for half an hour isn’t just robbery, it’s vampiric. Eep! Hope the jet lag hasn’t put too much of a damper on the trip. Dove uccelli?

  2. Apart from “come sicciamo” that is about the extent of my Italian. However, I envy you being there, the views look wonderful. Don’t forget to tell us what you ate, you know I will be interested. I actually published an Italian recipe today, with you in mind. Please eat something other than pasta and pizza, the Italians have such wonderful food.

    As for €5 for half an hour, this is Europe we are talking about. Things in Europe are horrendously expensive these days – certainly by comparison to North America.

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