Gingers in my garden

Well, I call it my garden, but it’s not really. It belongs to my husband, in that he’s usually the one who plants things. And he’s a ginger aficionado.

The yellow and white delicate flowers belong to a rare ginger found only in Terengganu, Globba nawawii. The bunch of bright yellow flower petals is also a Globba species.

The bright pink-red is Etlingera elatior and the yellow pine cone is a Zingiber sp.


Gingers in my garden — 5 Comments

  1. Any crafting, any work of art, is as much the viewer’s as it is the creator’s. For without an audience the work may as well never have been crafted at all.

  2. merci beaucoup !
    thanks a lot to share thoses pictures, it’s so beautiful !

    Nature is so inventive, so surprising ^^

  3. Are they all edible gingers? They really are beautiful to look at. Like Hrugaar, I had never realised there were so many and that their flowers were so lovely.

  4. Mythusmage: that’s a lovely thought.

    Hrugaar: you will have to come back.

    Jo – not edible, except for the pink one – but it’s not the usual edible one either.

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