How I know I am Home

1. There’s no water pressure to speak of, and the shower dribbles like a toothless old man.
2. There’s a Plaintive Cuckoo calling in the garden and a Koel (another cuckoo species) trying to drown it out.
3. I sweat sitting under the fan reading.
4. There are loads of bills sitting on the cupboard at the front door, all waiting to be paid.
5. My internet connection is FAST and doesn’t cost RM84 cents a minute (79 US cents or 13p a minute) for a connection so slow it made me want to weep.
6. Petrol (gas for you Americans) costs at least one third less, in spite of recent price increases here.

How I know I have been somewhere else:
1. I wake at 2 a.m. and want to get up and start the day.
2. Many of the bills are for astronomical sums of money.
3. I feel guilty because I hardly wrote a word all week.

And did you know that the seat space on KLM is so tight that you can’t open a laptop to work on?

I shall continue to post Como photos…


How I know I am Home — 4 Comments

  1. Ah, the koels!

    You get them in winter. We get them in the breeding season. They do NOT shut up 24/7!

    Wholeheartedly second bad experiences re KLM. That is one airline I won’t fly again if I can help it.

  2. Never flown KLM, but don’t feel bad, I have certainly flown several other airlines where there is hardly room to move in one’s seat. I am not exactly slim, but I wonder sometimes how really big people manage.

    Dunno koels, but try a whippoorwill under your bedroom window at night. They can drive you crazy.

  3. I miss the koels. Bills, alas, are ubiquitous. :

    If KLM seating is that cramped for someone of your presque-petite frame, then they must be contravening health and safety regs. Someone should mention the magic words to them, ‘thrombosis’, ‘law suit’ and ‘compensation’, and a random seven or eight digit figure in Euros … and then there’s loss of earnings, if you couldn’t work … grrr.

    Good to have you back though (even if ‘back’ still means the other side of the world, but with better internet connection).

  4. Mikandra – I am not sure that there is a “good” experience on flights lasting more than 4 or 5 hours. At least not in Economy!

    Koels, Jo, and large and noisy and not at all melodious…nuff said.

    I’ll send you some, Ru…preferably from my garden.

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