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As you will have noticed, there is a red decal thingy to the left of this that links to Denvention. And Denvention (for anyone not into this sf/f stuff) is a world conference of science fiction and fantasy readers, writers, fans, aficionados and gamers, coming up in early August, in Denver Colorado. It’s affectionately called simply: Worldcon.

I have been once before, 19952005 Interaction in Glasgow, Scotland, and had such a hugely enjoyable time I swore I would go again. In August, I will be on my way between seeing one daughter (Nashii in LA) and the other over in Virginia (where I’ll do my stint of sitting the grandson during the summer holidays). And guess what, Denver sort of falls vaguely in between, so…

I will be arriving in Denver on 5th August around lunchtime and leaving on the morning of the 11th. I’ll be staying at the Hyatt Regency. So look me up if you are going too!

Here’s my tentative programme for the convention, which I will confirm closer to the date):
I am on three panels:

  • Writing in Spite of Your Environment
This one should be real fun – and it is something close to my heart. I can write anywhere, and I reckon it is an essential aid to writers to have this ability!

  • A World Made of Birds:
    What would the Earth be like if the Dinosaurs Had Lived?

This one I will have to do some research for – obviously I was put on this one because of my ornithological connections. A great “What if-” idea for stories, as numerous filmakers have decided with varying degrees of success. What was that book written about a planet full of dinosaurs, which was actually a created world for endangered species about to become extinct?

  • Using Myths to Kick Off a Fantasy World
I actually don’t use myths as inspiration, so I will have to do a bit of chatting about writers who do. Any suggestions anyone? People as disparate as Juliet Marillier, Marion Zimmer Bradley and Guy Gavriel Kay all spring to mind.


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  1. I am a lucky sonofagun…broke, but lucky. My gorgeous daughters are paying my plane fare; the rest is cleaning me out, but still…worth it.

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