Como sights

Here’s some random pix (all mixed up) taken in Como town (first important in Roman times because of its strategic position, now having around 80,000 people).
§ A man scrubbing a window sill;
§ The Basilica of San Fidele, just a street or two away from the cathedral – started in the 6th century and redone in the 11th, and still, apparently not enough for this small town, as they then went on to build the cathedral.
§ A mime standing outside the old Town Hall
§ A shop window – the shop itself had enough different types of pasta to supply a different sort for every day of the year: coloured, plaited, round, flat, shell-shaped, thin, wide, twisted, patterned, long, short, curled, black, flavoured, plain, huge, tiny, utterly humongous – one piece enough for a one-person meal. You name it, they had it.
§ The place with the zig-zag brickwork, projecting out on huge hand-hewn wooden beams, didn’t even rate a mention in the main tourist brochure…


Como sights — 2 Comments

  1. Love houses where the upper floor projects out beyond the lower one. Not sure about the window boxes there though, a little too twee and chocolate-boxy for the building’s dignity.

  2. Loving the pictorial history of your trip. My favourite picture was, of course, the pasta shop. Especially all the interesting bottles and the ad for Funghi Porcini.

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