What the civet in my roof looks like

I have blogged several times about the wildlife in my house. I am at the moment enjoying the presence of another (human and not particularly wild) fantasy writer – his visit is being much appreciated by someone who doesn’t have nearly enough contact with people who write fantasy – so I did a real good clean out of the spare bedroom before he came.

There was a blind snake under the bed, and a very large Spotted Gecko in the bathroom. There are also wild honey bees driving themselves crazy around the outside lights – who will also come inside to the light if you leave the door open.

My visitor was disappointed there was no frog in the bath, though. And the civet in the ceiling seems to be suspiciously quiet. For those of you have never seen one, here’s a rather dead specimen we saw on the road on the way back from Terengganu. They are the size of a largish domestic cat with a much longer tail.

This species is the Common Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), Musang Pulut in Malay. They are omnivorous, and squeak a lot. They also scent mark a lot, a strong smell of screwpine (pandan).

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