Hurricane Katrina x 50

Burma/Myanmar is suffering. There could be as many 100,000 dead in a cyclone (hurricane/typhoon, call it what you will). Less than 2,000 people died in Katrina – and we thought the scale of that was huge?

People have no food, no clean water, no power – and little help.

The military junta that rules them is preventing aid workers from entering the country and denying the international press as well. Doubtless they are looking after their own interests – i.e. that of the top military brass – because that is about the only thing they do well.

When we look for examples of evil overlords to model the villains for a fantasy novel, we don’t have to look any further than 21st century Burma.


Hurricane Katrina x 50 — 4 Comments

  1. Of course, given human nature, those military rulers presumably have convinced themselves that their actions are good and proper. They are the heroes of their own stories, after all. It would be interesting (from a psychological point of view) to understand what kind of twisted, distorted world view they hold that would allow them to allow this suffering to happen, which still places them on the side of the angels.

    I wonder if simple fear is a part of it: their actions over the years have been so horrendous, that they are terrified of what would happen if definitive proof is turned up, as would inevitably happen if outsiders have free access to the country.

    If there was a hell, their actions would have long ago consigned them to it. This latest atrocity is, unfortunately, true to form.

  2. I couldn’t care less why they’re doing it, to be honest. They are monsters and if there’s a hell for the burning in, I hope they go there when they die. After a long and hideously painful death, btw.

    There is no excuse, reason, justification or sane explanation for what these criminals are allowing to happen. I hope the entire international community says Screw You and just flies in anyway to start giving help.

    For once, let the UN lead the way. Under no circumstances should politics be trumping simple human decency now.

  3. Men are bad enough at stopping the car to ask for directions to the nearest filling station (petrol pump, garage). One would hardly expect them to be eager to show signs of weakness or risk losing face when it comes to the question of whether they can care and provide for their own family, or an entire country that they are running. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, nor necessarily acceptable, but it is kind of understandable. One good big reason why there should be more women in leading government positions.

    My one consolation is that (according to wikipdeia figures) is that the UK have come up trumps with their monetary contribution to aid (more than three times what either the USA or EU have fielded) – and well done Malaysia, who have also contributed considerably more than the honking big fatcat USA! Though of course people can’t actually eat money, and it’s not much use if there’s nothing available to buy…

  4. If America can invade Iraq on a trumped up excuse, why can’t they invade Burma to help the people there? Money isn’t much use to them the junta will probably pocket that as well, it needs people to just force their way into the country somehow.

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