Food: do Malaysians have a problem?

We all know Malaysian food is great. But Malaysians are also eating fast food – a lot.

One wonders whether they will eventually rival USA for problems of obesity.

Photo 1: fried food.

Photo 2: chicken nuggets and sausages

Photo 3: hot potatoes and yams

Photo 4: cake (apam balek with corn filling). Look at the kid’s face…

Photo 5: roasted restaurant?


Food: do Malaysians have a problem? — 6 Comments

  1. Unfortunately the obesity epidemic is spreading. It is such a shame to think of countries that have wonderful foods of their own are gradually changing to American pop culture foods – do they have MacDonald’s in Malaysia. That is one of the most pervasive influences I think.

  2. A similar problem is happening in parts of Africa, where previously food was scare, now cheap, high-fat low-grade meat products are suddenly affordable. The inevitable consequence is an unprecedented obesity problem. From famine to feast, quite literally.

    Humanity is battling its hard-wiring, unfortunately: it really is natural for us to over-consume when the food is available, to put excess energy by for the lean times. If those lean times never manifest, and food is always abundant, then we just keep getting bigger.

    This is one aspect of medicine that will be solved: some kind of pill that will keep us lean, by working around our body’s natural tendencies. Seems like cheating, really!

    Of course, with the steady increase in energy prices making transportation of food and its production more expensive, along with with drought (which will only get worse with climate change) decreasing overall yield, perhaps overeating will eventually no longer be a problem.

  3. I have been practising self control for months now, but it isn’t getting me anywhere. The only good thing I can say is my weight is not going up.

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