Pitch Black

Woke up last night at about 1.00 a.m. to something I haven’t seen in a long while: complete darkness. I may as well have been blind. The moon had not yet risen, and starlight was obscured by thick cloud cover.

And there were no lights – anywhere.
No reflection of light on the clouds from a city or town – there are none. Eyre is just one house – where we are staying at the old telegraph station. And no one felt it necessary to leave a light on, which is great.

How often do we experience that nowadays? Complete darkness? It was oddly comforting to find that it was in fact still possible.

When I stepped outside – with a torch – to go to the outhouse, I met a kangaroo on the way. He moved away, leisurely, unafraid.

And this morning we woke to the sounds of Major Mitchell Cockatoos…

Life is good.
(But, alas, no work is being done…)


Pitch Black — 5 Comments

  1. Now that would have scared me silly to meet something on the way to the outhouse even if it did turn out to be a harmless roo. I am not keen on using outhouses at the best of times especially in the north of Canada, bears are not unknown. I always insist hubby accompanies me. I’m not sure what I think he would do if there was a bear.

  2. Forget about work for a while – relax, unwind and enjoy the moment.

    No sighting of a Kookaburra yet? To be woken by one of them is a truly iconic Australian experience – even better than a rukus of Major Mitchells.

  3. I thought of that too Joanna, but unfortunately I can’t, he’s the athlete round here so the bear would get me for supper.

  4. roos are vegetarian, fortuntely…

    Not so sure about the ravens, though. they come in huge flocks to drink just off our verandah, and they look distinctly evil.

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