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Day One continued.

Photograph 1: my sister climbs on to the Kalgoorlie pipeline to take a photograph.
Photograph 2: the resulting photograph.

The last part of the journey into the Goldfields included a trip through a burned out forest – the Boorabbin National Park. A scene of desolation, made all the more devastating because we knew that here, on the 30th of December, a convoy of truckers was caught in a bushfire and three men lost their lives.

The crosses mark the site, and friends have left their offerings to those who died.

For the forest – there is hope. The blackened remains of a banksia tree begins to sprout at the base of the trunk.

The last photo is our camp in Kalgoorlie, which was about as quiet as pitching a tent on a Kuala Lumpur roundabout.

And guess what, we saw a surfboat from Queensland in the main street…


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  1. I am glad the banksia tree is sprouting and that you saw its new growth. Must have been a horror for the truckers. I have driven through forest fires, but nothing that devastating thank goodness.

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