Day 3 Part 1: NORSEMAN

We spent a morning in Norseman on day 3 of our travels. After breakfast we went for several early morning woodland walks, and took in the view from Beacon Hill. Norseman was named after a horse that found gold there in the 1890s. Handy creatures, horses. They are still mining the surrounding land.

We have been seeing the most stunning trees in the goldfields – things with glowing red trunks, all shiny and smooth like oiled skin. Trees with silver branches and leaves that flicker with sparkles as the light reflects from glossy leaves. Blackbutt with, well, black butts.

Norseman is surrounded by lakes, all salt of course, and they appear pink in the distance. The tailings outside the town and huge and whitish, steep-sided juggernauts set to engulf the land.

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