Spent the better part of the day at the hospital. Only to find that the results of the MRI have not yet entered the system, so I am none the wiser.
Now scheduled for an MRI of the elbow – in 6 weeks time.
And my next doctor’s appointment is in May…
So that will be the earliest that I know anything. One thing for sure, if there is any possibility that this problem will go away by itself, we sure are giving it every chance!
When medical care is free, it is also very slow.
I first went to a doctor about this back in August 2007!


Waiting… — 4 Comments

  1. I don’t think you mentioned what the problem is, but you are very right about the slowness of free medical care. I didn’t know that was available in Malaysia too. We had social medicine in England and now in Canada, but people do have to wait a long time unless it is for a heart attack or something similar. However, not having your results today is typical inefficiency and also very very annoying.

  2. Actually, to be fair, I am not sure it is inefficiency. I think it is just too many people, and too few medical personnel – all constraints boil down to money I suppose. This is a developing nation, after all.

  3. Well, here is hoping that it DOES go away in that time (never to return that is). In the meantime, I hope it doesn’t interfere (too much) with your life…?

  4. Ah Fi – it makes me an even worse typist than usual – and a danger to all breakable dishes and cups etc. The attrition rate in my kitchen is atrocious…

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