Torture is not moving…

…as I discovered today in the bowels of a magnetic resonance imaging tunnel, for an hour, with my arm stretched above my head. By the time I emerged, I had new ideas for torture scenes in the next book.

Results on Monday, when I see the specialist.

And I have an entry in Wikipedia! Thanks to a very nice person from my home state whom I have never met.

It never fails to amaze me that there are so many lovely people out there doing so much for unknown others free of charge. Balances out all the gnashing of teeth that I do when I get another piece of spam for enhancement of an appendage I do not have.

Oh, and the Ministry accepted the final draft project paper (once a few small amendments are made) so we move on to the second phase. Yay! That means I do have an income for the next year, and I do get to travel to some of my very favourite wild places. We will be capacity building of both sites and human capital on the ground, plus web site development.

Life is looking good.


Torture is not moving… — 4 Comments

  1. I have never had an MRI thank goodness, hubby has. A friend said when she had one she lay there and thought of all the blue flowers she could plant in her garden, then all the pink ones, etc. etc. which I thought was such a good idea.

    Glad things going well with your project and you are OK for another year.

    So, you are in Wikipedia, must have a look.

  2. That’s probably an even better way of doing it. I will just have to rely on counting things if it ever happens although hubby says I will probably freak out. A friend did, and had to be sent somewhere where they have a more open machine. I don’t think I really have chlaustrophobia, but Matt thinks I do – ah well.

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