Almost disaster

You’d think that I have enough trouble being Noramlyed by the winds of fate whenever I travel, without encouraging disaster on myself.
Yet that’s exactly what I did today.

I was saved by a young lady called Nor’Ain, and a young man called Putra, who both work for the Bintang Warta supermarket down here where I live.

Today – after visiting the moneychanger to change some notes into Australian dollars, I did a spot of shopping – and left my purse behind at the counter. Containing not only the money and credit and bank cards, but also my passport. And I am leaving early Tuesday morning.

That was almost the end of my trip – but Nor’Ain found the purse and sent it down to the head of security, Putra (which means prince btw), who immediately telephoned my handphone after extracting my business card from the purse. He reached me before I even made it home.

Lovely honest people who restore one’s faith in the world, refusing a reward too.

Thank you to you both.


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  1. Whew – what a relief! It would be dreadful if you missed Swancon:-) I feel really honoured to be on a panel with you and Juliet – wow! I certainly expect to learn a lot.

    I’ll be there from lunch time-ish Friday and am really looking forward to your panels.

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