What one person reads, is not what you read…

I’m reworking Rogue Rainlord at the moment before “real” work catches up with me again.

And it truly is amazing how many times two different readers can read exactly the same thing and see two different things. And how humbling it is when you are the writer and you discover what you thought was crystal clear was not clear at all…

For example:
One of my characters is a woman who cares for her husband but doesn’t want to show it, for reasons I won’t go into here. There’s a short scene where he is about to go off to rescue someone, a woman, and she is a bit bad-tempered. I was trying to point out to the reader that she is sick with worry for him as he is going into danger, but doesn’t want him to know it. The beta reader thought I was trying to say she was jealous. Which never occurred to me.

And that’s just one example. Back to the drawing board…

And have you all seen that wonderful video about the frozen folk of Grand Central Station? If not, do look. It is marvellous.

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