One of those days…again.

We have a fence all around our house and yard. Entry is through a gate. Which we keep chained with a hefty padlock.

This morning husband and I tried to leave for our walk along the river – only to find the keys would no longer open the padlock.

One hour later, with the aid of wonderful neighbours from every side, and the loan of hacksaw and muscles, we were finally released, too late for the walk.

Tried to pick up my air ticket to Australia. Couldn’t find parking. Gave up. When I came home from a bookgroup meeting (Animal’s People was up for discussion), there was no power. Which is no joke in the tropics. It finally came on, and immediately set off the burglar alarm. Great.

Then tonight the power went off again…
And I discovered the disadvantage of broadband (external modem won’t work without power) and a free standing monitor (won’t work either). Sigh.

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