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Kelantan is one of Peninsular Malaysia’s northern states. It has a government run by a political party based on religion. In theory, one assumes this means no corruption among the politicians, honest government and fair dealing. Perhaps it works that way in practice too – I have little knowledge of the matter.

One thing for sure, in practice it also means more weird stuff.

All supermarkets in the state have to have 3 checkout counters. One for men, one for women and one for families. This was decreed some time ago, but now they are getting strict about enforcement – otherwise the supermarket will be fines for each offence, $1000RM or about US$100.

Why? Because some women have been harrassed by men at common checkout counters.

Boy, do I have news for them – we women get harrassed everywhere, and it doesn’t matter which country or how we are dressed. For a woman, it is part of life and we learn to deal with it. To stop it, though, I have a better suggestion. Why don’t we lock all men up in the house and not let them out?

Really, it makes more sense than separate supermarket queues…


More weird stuff… — 6 Comments

  1. What next?

    Segregated train carriages, elevators, market days, school rooms, play grounds etc etc.

    This smells of revenue raising disguised as an attempt to wrap women in cotton wool.

  2. But no, would you really want the menfolk around the house all day, getting fat watching TV, making a mess and getting underfoot? (not to mention experimenting with the washing machine…) Send them out to work, to earn money to pay your bills…it’s a workable system. πŸ˜€

  3. Ah, I see. You live in a country where men actually go to the supermarket!

    Around here, men are held in a 60-hour-a-week vice that is called ‘the office’, leaving the women to do the shopping, seeing as with one partner away that much, someone needs to give up career aspirations to keep the home fires burning (so to speak), or alternatively, to let in tradesmen working on the couple’s umpteenth home renovation.

    Y’know, most women are not mad enough to fall into the abyss that masquerades as career, so they enjoy man-free supermarkets πŸ˜‰

    Any perceived sarcasm is of course completely unintended πŸ˜‰

  4. My hubby has been going to the supermarket for years, working and retired. He prefers it without me as I spend too much. However, segregating the lines does seem somewhat extreme.

  5. a slap on the face does wonders and yelling at those with wandering palms and publicly embarrassing them does wonders too.

    women can take care of themselves, and the feisty ladies of kelantan probably even better!

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