Today’s the big MS day…

…when I send off my manuscript [ “The Rogue Rainlord“, book 1 of The Random Rain Cycle ], to my beta readers.

I am making a few last minute changes, doing a final spell check, and so on, attaching a bit of a sketch map … and then off it goes to the hungry hawk-eyed vultures to tear apart.

Who are my beta readers?

  • Fellow published writers (bless them, wherever do they find the time?);
  • writers not yet majorly published;
  • fantasy fans with wide reading experience;
  • a speciality bookseller;
  • several part-time professional editor friends who love to read fantasy;
  • West Australian Perdy Phillips (professional artist who does the maps).

Some of them are people I have never met, some are friends, some are connected to the publishing business. They all have one thing in common: they love the genre and want the finished book to be special, so they are devastatingly honest, even when it hurts.

This last makes their praise, if it comes, very special indeed, because I know they really mean it. So as of tomorrow, I will do other things while I try to be patient and not develop a tic, or a desire to bit my nails, or a need to hit the gin.

Oh, note the title: here are the titles I finally decided on (but who knows whether these will be the final ones.)

Book 1: The Rogue Rainlord
Book 2: The Scarpen Stormshifters
Book 3: The Watergivers of Washbone
Or do you think they would be better without the ‘The” in front?


Today’s the big MS day… — 5 Comments

  1. 1 & 3 definitely sound better without the “The”; I’m less sure about 2, because I don’t know if Scarpen is a word I don’t know, or a name.

  2. If you weren’t you there wouldn’t be time, trust me. *g*

    I’d drop all the ‘ the’s too, I think. Although the whole thing might look better in a fancy font.

  3. Ah, Joanna, you have vested interest!!

    I have an idea I will leave the “The” question up to the publisher, if I find one. If I have to go with a PoD, then I shall have to make a decision…

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