Sigh…no broadband

The techie spent another hour in my house, but was unable to get the broadband working.

So I am now paying for broadband which cannot be connected, even though it has been activated. Great.

The techie’s theory is that the telephone line into my house is not a main line but an extension line. Work that one out.

So now I have to find a telephone technician. And pay him.

I tell you, I am jinxed.


Sigh…no broadband — 4 Comments

  1. right there with you. Having recently moved from NZ to Rarotonga
    we were dismayed at speed of dial-up. It took 20 mins just to send 2 measly emails so we decided to opt for broadband. Easier said than done.
    First they disconnected our phoneline for no reason. Twice.

    hang in there!

  2. Oh dear, you are having a bad time. Actually I have a theory about the internet. It’s part of the computer conspiracy by aliens who intend to drive us all mad so they can take over the planet. Well there has to be some reason and incompetence doesn’t seem enough.

  3. Years ago there was a comedy skit show on Australian TV and they had an ongoing gag about “Bastards Inc”, the company who develops noisy chip packets for cinemas and all the other little annoying things in our days. Whenever something like this happens my first thought is always “Bastards Inc have gone global…” *grin*.

  4. Well, being taken off to hospital was a big mistake – TM was all ready to come and I had to put them off. I wonder how long before I can persuade them to try again!!

    Imagine Me and Joanna – you both had me laughing, which is not bad for someone who just had a colonoscopy…:-)

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