More from Banggi Island

Remember that final few days holiday we had before we left Sabah? Well, I didn’t post all the pix, so here are some more.

Banggi island is just south of the Philippines, at the far northern tip of Borneo.

Picture one is a scene on the ferry from the mainland. Take a look at the gold seat the boys are sitting on. Bit ornate for a boat, right? It’s a ceremonial chair for part of a Malay wedding – the ferry was full of family members of the bride or groom.

Photo 2 is where we stayed.

Photo 3 is where the restaurants are.

Photo 4 is the scene from where we stayed. That hut is the loo of the restaurants…which is why I didn’t go swimming. Oh, plus the fact that people said there were crocodiles.

Photo 5 is the scene from the restaurant.

Photo 6 is some very ancient mangroves (note the roots seeking air) and some interesting rocks.

The last pix is of a traditional roof, using wood, bamboo, rattan for twine, and palm leaves.

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