While we were gone…

…the squatters moved in.

I am now back in the Klang Valley. That is, back home at our house in Selangor. No more little apartment in Sabah with views of Mt Kinabalu and those sunsets…


The house in Selangor was flooded the day before my husband returned, and all the carpets soaked, so the house smells like – well, like wet wool and mould. I returned Wednesday night, and then spent most of Thursday at the hospital for an appointment with the rheumatoid arthritis clinic. So far, the osteoarthritis clinic say my problem is probably rheumatoid and the rheumatoid docs say, no sounds more like osteo, and the gynae says no, it’s torn muscles, and in the meantime I get better all by myself without any treatment except rest, while everyone argues. I’m ok with that.

Anyway Thursday night I had a houseguest arrive (Donna of mushroom soup fame), so poor thing has to put up with being a guest in a place that smells like rotting rainforest leaf litter and which hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned in months.

And we have other guests, like the squirrel that as built a nest in our bathroom.

Don’t you just love the tropics?


While we were gone… — 4 Comments

  1. Well, I have not seen anything actually in it – think whatever it was took fright when we moved back in, but I think it’s a squirrel, not a bird.
    Could be a tree shrew, but I don’t think so – they choose dark holes as far as I know. Birds would not be able to manoeuvre such large twigs unless they were large birds, and large birds would never be able to get in through the window gap.

    And yes, squirrels do build nests.

  2. My sympathies on your less than joyful homecoming.
    I have found that an open bowl of white vinegar in a room is a good way of removing unpleasant odours.

    As for the squirrel, you can either evict it or charge it rent (good luck with collecting payment *grin*)

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