Life’s Like That

Ever had one of those days…?
I received an SMS on my handphone on to say that my flight the next day would be delayed by over two hours, and if I had any further questions to ring this number…

The following morning, just to doublecheck, I rang the number. And spoke to a machine.

For English, please press 1. For Malay, please press…
I press 1.
For Flight information, please press 1. For Bookings, please…
I press 1
For flight times please press 1. For…
I press 1
Please enter the date of your flight, day, month, year.
I key in the date.
Please enter your flight number.
I key in the flight number.
(Long pause). I am sorry, we cannot find your booking. To return to the beginning, please press…
What? What booking? I never even gave you my name! You weren’t looking for my booking!!

Which is how I ended up arguing with a machine.

Anyway, I caught the flight, and we left on the rescheduled time.

I get up bright and early this morning, and leave for my meeting. Followed by an hour in K.L. traffic jams, just to remind me what it is going to be like living here again. I pay out $3.40 in tolls, plus petrol.

Meeting starts, and two minutes into it, the decision is taken to postpone it until the beginning of November, because certain key participants did not turn up.


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