Shadow of Tyr…coming soon in UK

I see that the cover of The Shadow of Tyr is already up on Amazon here, so I guess I can post it here too. I love it, love it, love it.

Another great cover from Larry Rostant (the cover artist) and the design team at Orbit, who produce the best covers in the business, bar none.

And there on the front cover is a terrific quote from another of my favourite authors of unputdownable books. Kate Elliott did the one for Heart of the Mirage, and now I have Karen Miller – love these guys.

And just look at the art work. We have the Tyranian city of Tyr in the background, but the cracked sky above is that of the Mirage.

And there’s the winged spear and symbol of Tyrans – but look, the shadowed pattern to the right is the pattern of the Mirager’s sword (see the cover of Heart of the Mirage). And if you look carefully, you will notice that the wing to the right is dark and broken and drooping. Tyr is in trouble – Ligea is on her way to extract revenge for the wrongs done to her….

That is one heck of a good cover.

And just to add to my cup of Amazon goodies, I see that they have put up the first advert for the French version of The Aware here. No pix as yet, or release date, but ah, those magic words: GRANDS FORMATS.
Yep, my first trade paperback (i.e. large size), and it comes from J’Ai Lu…
C’est formidable…

The title? CLAIRVOYANTE , book 1 of Les Iles Glorieuses

Life is so exciting. And today I am off to tropical isles…more about that in another post if I have time before I go.


Shadow of Tyr…coming soon in UK — 7 Comments

  1. Congratulations on the well deserved increase in respect and awareness of your writing.

    You know you are getting popular when your work is published in trade paperback.

    Fingers crossed for a pickup of Random Rain.

  2. C’est la fromage!!!!

    That is a seriously beautiful cover. Team O is da bomb.

    As for the quote, yeah, that was tough. Telling the truth gives me a nosebleed every time … *g*

  3. That is a seriously beautiful cover. I might have to ask my sister to buy me the UK set (I’ll let her read it first) so I can drool over the books rather than the keyboard.


  4. Having read the blogs of so many authors who are disappointed in their covers, it’s great to see someone who got something that they liked. Do you think the artist may have actually READ the book?? Apparently that’s not a requirement… :-).

  5. Thanks everyone (not that I had anything to do with the cover…)

    Joanna, I think very few artists read the book. Sometimes what happens is the editors sent a couple of pages of the scene they want illustrated. Or maybe not even that.

    And I have just seen the artwork for book 3. It’s even more evocative than the first two….

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