Oh, pity me…

All good things come to an end. Tomorrow, at 6.30 a.m., I start the journey home.

37 (real time) hours later I arrive at Kuala Lumpur airport, after 22 hours on planes plus 15 hours spent at respective airports.

The good thing is that with all those airport stops I ought to get 15 hours of writing done, right? Plus two hours each (battery time) on 2 flights… Yeah.

Ok, I am running a competition.

How many words will I get done on the way home between Charlottesville, Virginia and Kuala Lumpur? Whoever gets closest to the actual number of words written as on the moment the plane touches down, will win a copy of the book when it comes out, posted to where you live.

The catch is that I don’t have a publisher for it yet! So you could have to wait quite while…

Competition is open for a week.


Oh, pity me… — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Glenda,
    I think that your normal productivity rate will be downgraded due writing interruptions, distractions and fatigue.
    My guess would be: 1,680 words.

    I am looking forward to reading Drouthlord whether it is bought from a bookseller or won in this competition. (After your great work with SotSB I am confident it will be published)

    I wish you good flying weather and a safe trip back to Malaysia.

  2. You write faster than I do, and are less phased by surrounding distractions. If you can rest okay on the plane (hope those hips behave themselves!) and if you can get the necessary power/computer access at the airports, I reckon it’ll be more like 3,200 words.

    Well, it gives you something to aim for. Travel safely – no getting Noramlyed now! :o)

  3. You’re heading home already???? Wow! It seems like you only just got there!!!!

    I’m not able to think of a number. However many you manage, they’ll all be fabulous.

    Have a safe trip. My fingers are crossed that you don’t get Noramleyed.

  4. Results next Friday morning (Malaysian time). That gives time to anyone who only visits once a week to enter…

    And thanks for everyone’s confidence that I can actually get something written while crammed into an airplane or sitting on the floor of airport buildings where all the wall sockets are for the vacuum cleaners. Not to mention the confidence that I will actually find a publisher for this!

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