At Singapore airport…

It’s now 1.15 a.m., heaven knows what day, and I am at Changi airport, Singapore. I leave at 7.10 a.m. for Kuala Lumpur.

The nice thing about Changi is that it is littered with free internet connections and places to work at a desk and plug your laptop in – unlike all the other airports I’ve just been through. I’ve just said hi to my grandson and seen him too, all while seated at my laptop in Singapore – mind you, he thinks I can produce everyone he’s ever chatted to through Skype. After all, we must all be in the same place, right? Technology can be very confusing when you are three…

More tomorrow. No, later on today, maybe. When I am more coherent and less sleep deprived.


At Singapore airport… — 3 Comments

  1. Yes, Changi’s free internet connection is really cool … unlike London, where I had to hunt around for the internet room, pay through the nose for ten minutes online, and then discovered that all the blogs I visit (including this one) were blocked for having adult content!

    Guess you’re safely back in Malaysia now, glenda. Hope the journey wasn’t too punishing on your legs.

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