Competition winner

It was actually pretty much as Patty predicted – see the previous comments section! One has high hopes, but…

The biggest problem was that the battery on my laptop doesn’t last long enough, a mere 2 hours, so most of the time when I was trapped inside a plane and felt like writing would be a good thing to do, I couldn’t. When I was in transiting Tokyo, I didn’t have time to recharge it because the flight arrival was delayed, so that wiped out the flight from Tokyo to Singapore. In Singapore I had loads of time but I was so wiped out by then….

Anyway, I started the flight with 158,005 words and I touched down in Kuala Lumpur with a mere 160,073. Which means that the total was 2,068, and Joanna wins with her estimate of 2,000.

Send me your email addy Joanna, and then wait patiently for a year or too. Congratulations!


Competition winner — 3 Comments

  1. Woohoo! *little happy dance* :-). Talk about your lucky guesses! I’ve sent you my details via your email address. I’d like to thank all those airports who don’t provide enough time to charge laptop batteries…

  2. We use our notebook to watch DVD’s when camping (yes, we like to rough it out in the bush…). Woe unto he who picks a kid’s movie that lasts longer than the battery and creates unhappy kids!!!

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